Location: Cernavodă | Romania
Type: Sport
Client: ELCOMEX I.E.A.
Area: 1700 sqm
Architecture: Maria-Elena Dron, Simina Dron
Structural engineering: Sterie Caradima, Nicoleta Oprea (KEIL-BAU)
Image credits: Alexandru Apostol
Status: Completed | 2007 - 2012

For a small sport facility in an industrial city, we tried to create an interesting and more complex volumetry instead of a simple metal structure of a hall for which the clients first commissioned us.
So, we obtained this dynamic image for the entire volume, but especially for the main entrance facade where the shape of the exterior envelope folds in successive plans.
The project started in 2007, but it stopped and then started again several times, due to financial issues. In 2011 we did the last finishing touches of the project and the construction site finally began.