Location: Bucharest | Romania
Type: Residential
Area: 350 sqm
Architecture: Simina Dron & Ionuț Anton (IDZ ARHITECTURĂ)
Structural engineering: Sterie Caradima (KEIL-BAU)
Building services: Elena Iatan, Alexandru Iatan, Răzvan Silviu Ștefan (NOA PROIECT)
Interior design: Simina Dron, Ioana Andrei
Image credits:
Photo credits: Ionuț Anton, Vlad Iorgulescu
Status: Completed | 2007 - 2008

The restrictions of the site along with the sun orientation led us to concept this house as an intersection of three volumes articulated through the staircase and shaped around an inner court.
Also, there is a transition space, generated by the garden and the passage way, between the public realm and the private living space.